Wednesday, October 9, 2013

18 months

How is it that my baby is getting so big? Thankfully, she is still super snugly so it's easy to pretend she is still a baby, even as she is getting bigger and doing more every day. 

We had her check up yesterday and she is a hair shy of 24 lbs and she's just over 32 inches tall. I just went back read this blog from when Lainey was the same age and they have the exact same measurements. However, it was a refresher for where Lainey was developmentally and I remember that she was definitely further along with her talking (although Harper is a great talker too!) and was already showing her stubbornness. Harper, on the other hand, is totally chill and easy going. She is so sweet and often comes up to one of us just to give us a snuggle. She is extremely loving and likes to give hugs (her favorite is to walk up and grab you around the legs and bury her face). She is totally a Mama's girl but she loves her Daddy and sister too. 

Harper is finally exclusively walking now. She's been capable of doing it since she was about 15 months old but preferred to do her "knee walking" because it was so much faster. We always said she would just get up and walk across the room one day and that's pretty much what she did finally.  She did the same thing with talking and at about the same time. It seems like one day she was only saying a handful of words and then the next she became our little parrot, repeating everything she heard. She also loves music and any time a song starts playing, she will stop what she's doing to sway and try to sing along. 

We still call her our little monster because she still likes to growl and she can be pretty wild. She will also randomly come up and try to (gently) bite you and loves to wrestle and play. Yes...this one is not a delicate flower like her sister. She will tussle and play and if she gets hurt, it hardly phases her most of the time. I find myself often saying, "I never had to say that to your sister!" after exclaiming such things as, "Don't chew on the bedspread!" or "Stop trying to hit me with that phone!" But she does it in the sweetest way, y'all. 

Troy & I say on a daily basis that Lainey is totally his and Harper is mine and it is really true. Lainey couldn't be more like her Daddy unless she were a boy and Harper looks and acts a lot like me. Both girls are really growing into their personalities and it amazes me how different they are from each other. And while there is more than a little jealously in this house, I know they love each other and will hopefully grow up being close and true friends.

Having a cookie after being good girls at the doctor's office.


Cool girls don't need strollers anymore.

A little Halloween preview for you. We had to dress her up as a monster!

Had to show off some of those curls and that belly! :-)

Tricked you, didn't i? This is a picture of me around Harper's age. Told you she's mine! And just so you can see how much Lainey looks like her Daddy:

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